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The is the third and final book in a three-part instructional series published by Alfred publishing in association with The National Guitar Workshop. The book is  jam-packed with ninety-five pages of important ideas and concepts for the advancing mandolin player. The book gets underway with an intensive study of advanced harmonies and chord forms in all 12 keys. Also covered are chord/melody playing, chord substitution, and forms such as the 12-bar blues and "Rhythm Changes." In addition, the book takes an exhaustive approach to melodic studies, touching on the modes of the major scale, the pentatonic scales, the chromatic scale, the whole-tone scale, and improvisation. Read a great review of the book on and then pick up your copy today!


$20.00 (Includes Shipping in Continental US)



A collection of twelve original and favorite tunes composed and compiled by mandolinists Barry Mitterhoff, Michael Sassano and Wayne Fugate. The premise of the book is simple - each author contributes four of their either original or favorite traditional tunes. The result is collection of tunes that is fun to play and well suited for all levels - from beginner to advanced.


All tunes are presented in both standard notation and TAB. Tunes include: Pour Tessa, Hells Bells, Silk City, Goodnight Tessa, The Unreel, Katie’s Lament, Criminal Satisfaction ( duet), The Ookpik Waltz, Christopher’s Landing, Jason’s Tune, Catskill Mountain Goosechase, North Lake Waltz. To order your e-copy today  click the button below.



$12.00 (Immediate Download)

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