The Covid-19 Virus is making it tough on us all financially. If you are interested in taking mandolin lessons and can afford to - GREAT! I'd love to help and would appreciate the income more than ever before. BUT If you are, like many of us in this time, interested in lessons but cash strapped, please get in touch anyway and we'll figure out a way to make it happen together. 

Wondering what to do with your free time during "Corona-Pause"? Interested in playing the mandolin? Congratulations! You are obviously a person of impeccable musical taste. The mandolin is an truly versatile instrument capable of playing virtually any genre of music from virtually any part of our planet - from Bach to Bluegrass, Led Zeppelin to Jazz - there isn’t much the mandolin can’t do. These days, there are endless options available for learning to play the mandolin. Books, DVD's, On-Line Music Schools ... all of these are helpful and have their place. However, to fast track your ability to play and enjoy the instrument and to take your musicianship to the "next level" nothing beats personal, one-on-one lessons with an experienced teacher.


I teach mandolin (and entry-level guitar) via Zoom, Skype or Goggle Duo - with 'live lessons' from my home in Orange County, NY, resuming once we all emerge from "Corona-pause".

I've been playing and teaching mandolin for over thirty years and have made my musical home in the American roots styles of bluegrass, blues, swing, and old-time with a healthy dose of Classical, Celtic and Scandanavian music thrown in for good measure. I have performed on Broadway with Steve Martin and toured nationally with his show, "Bright Star". I've also worked with some of the country's top string players in venues ranging from coffee houses to Carnegie Hall,

I've studied extensively with mandolin greats Barry Mitterhoff (Hot Tuna) and Mike Marshall (David Grisman Quintet and many other projects). Along the way, I've authored two (soon to be three) mandolin instruction and tune books (check them out here)

Teaching Philosophy:

I teach students at all levels, from complete beginners to advanced students looking to expand their skills and musical horizons. I strive to provide an alternative to the cookie-cutter approach found in many method books, academic music programs, and internet instructional resources. In doing so, I work with each student to create a unique course of study that carefully considers who they are, what musical goals and interests they have, how they learn, and whatever unique challenges that may arise during the learning process. I try to make the lessons as "self-guided" as possible (you tell me where you want to focus and what material you are interested in), while still getting across the technique and concepts that will help to take your musicianship to the "next level". I have found that this approach helps to make the lessons immediately more relevant, accelerates the learning process and keeps things fun!!

I have a nice, well-lit, multi-camera setup so that you'll be able to clearly see what I'm doing as I teach you and I can record our lessons so that you'll have them for future reference.

The Details:

Lessons are available in either thirty-minute or one-hour formats and can be scheduled on either a weekly or a bi-weekly basis. I charge $40 for a thirty-minute lesson and $70 for a one-hour lesson. In either case, there will be no additional charge if we go over a bit, as we sometimes will when things get interesting.

I encourage my students to record their lessons so that they can review and reinforce the important things that we cover. I confess to being a big believer in investing the time needed to read standard notation and to understand some basic theory but we don't have to begin with that ... or ever touch on it if you're completely averse to the idea. I can help you to play by ear or we can use TAB if that is your preference.


My responsibility is to make these lessons as valuable to you and as much fun for you as I possibly can! Please drop me a note using the form on the CONTACT page so that we can begin a discussion concerning your musical goals and to set up a time to get going!


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