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I often run into mandolin players (and folks that play other string family instruments too) who are frustrated at not being able to find accurate sheet music or TAB for the tunes they want to play or the solos they want to learn. I also have met many really talented folks that compose their own music and hand-write it all into a collection of notebooks or loose papers. Sometimes their work is legible and easily able to be read by the other musicians that they want to collaborate and play with - but - sometimes, not so much. If you are challenged in these ways, I can help.


I can transcribe that tune or solo that you want to learn or turn your handwritten music and chord charts into professional, engraver's quality sheet music, TAB or lead sheets. My fees and turn-around times for this service vary with the volume and complexity of the work you want done but most times, I think you'll be happy with the quality of my work, the speed with which I get it to you and the nominal investment required to complete your project.


If you are interested in having me create a new transcription for you or to convert your existing music into sheet music or lead sheets that you will be proud to share with other musicians, send me a note using the form on the CONTACT page and let's talk about getting your project underway!


DISCLAIMER: I only want exceedingly happy, satisfied clients, so will only take on what I know I am good at and can successfully complete. Regretfully, I am unable to take on projects involving piano or brass, wind and percussion instruments at this time.

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